Gabrielle Chanel inverted the types and functions of her creations to transform their meaning and value. Cult objects destined to be legendary were born out of this art of counterpoint, such as the N°5 perfume and 2.55 bag.

Chanel watches distinguish themselves as true creations. They respect the eternal cultural and aesthetic codes that guided Gabrielle Chanel throughout her lifetime. Simple aesthetic codes, real elegance.

These essential values inspired the House at the launch of the Première watch in 1987. Twenty five years after, the magic still continues, whatever the watches’ size, choice of materials or setting. The subsequent collections have all respected the same stylistic vision, found in the watches’ character and personality.

Born with the third millennium, the J12 watch was ahead of its time. It transformed ceramic into a precious material, rewriting the rules of watchmaking as it introduced ceramic’s robustness and resistance to Chanel’s timeless elegance. From deepest black in 2000 to the first white watch in 2003, the J12 is day and night, masculine and feminine, strength and elegance, mystery and clarity.

In 2011, Chanel introduced a new material to invent a new color, resulting in the J12 Chromatic. This sensual and intense innovation was achieved thanks to the addition of titanium to ceramic, producing its color and lightness. Its unique shine is then achieved through a polishing process with diamond powder.

The latest Chanel watch collection, Mademoiselle Privé, combines fine jewelry and watchmaking expertise and unveils totally new interpretations of these distinctive symbols.